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Close PROTECTO – Self Defense System Techniques demonstrated by creator : Nenad Ikras CONTACT INFORMATION: email: Web: …


jacob blake says:

He should be in the batman movie with thoses moves

Skiper Master says:


superguy9845 says:

not what I was searching for but im not dissapointed

karateNokaci says:

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IamJustbeingHonest21 says:

Seriously the best fight channel StreetFightsShortcut

StreetFightsShortcut says:

If you like real street fights that are actually good then go to my channel.

superioshi says:

judo duh xD

VingTsunFANATIC says:

if he’s professional, criminals usually aren’t

Hans Poe says:

this move is like aikido

Erik Silver says:

You clearly missed mine too good sir. I have 12 years experience in Jiu Jutsi and 10 more in li siu long style. It gives me an advantage in reacting fast in certain situations because I’ve trained them. But when a street-browl breaks out it’s verry difficult to use them as there is no such thing as a standard punch. :) No offence, I still believe it’s a verry nice video and I no doubt about the skills that were needed to create it.

Moses G says:

This stuff will work. If ur lucky n skilled enough. Its all timing. If ur late u get hurt, if ur early u get hurt. Yeah this stuff is in movies, doesnt mean that it wont work.

Gina Ramagosa says:

Who is on the off side redhead

casuco15 says:

Name of song please

tokmel985 says:


wessie73 says:

Thank you for posting, great video.

Gina Ramagosa says:

Where’s beaver(

Roberto Colon says:

thank u for your help but it does not sow anything but FPS game :/

jhe travz says:

zzzz u cannot do this in real life! it’s all in the movie moves! lame..

aqcomeon says:

This is awesome, skilled fighters!

Blac Spirit says:

super nice bro.

Zoe Weaver says:

can i be honest and say this actually looked like different coreographed danced 2 me

prescomp says:


allealleh hidar says:

holy shit is is really amazing and its really easy to learn but hard to practice^^

Suzuzukazama says:

That’s a horrible song

Roberto Colon says:

can anyone tell my what is the song name?

criscom464 says:

d she blew my mind did you know what I expected

jimmyaaron99 says:

Aikido is one of the best of the best self defense techniques. Its often taut in the military and ju~jitsu has many of the same techniques from Aikido but some of the techniques are over dramatic like rotating the rist is supposed to make you flip. It does work but it most likely wont make you fly in the air it does make you weak though its just to show you that it works but they dont want to bore you but it still works

jaytje1234 says:

Love The Moment On 1:47 <3

Jackie Dzej says:

Svaka cast!! Sve uradjeno kako treba :)  ;)

Tinted Prince says:


Adolf Hitler says:

Not judo I’ts real aikido.

Adolf Hitler says:

Come on me bro

Nikolas Alexandre says:

It’s like aikido mixed with judo with a bit of striking thrown in. As a former aikido practitionar, I never much cared for the applicability of the tecchniques.

yoneda123 says:

This is really effective and all,but most of the times robbers don’t come close holding a gun,and some thugs hits you in the back before you could notice.It would be helpful if you could show a scene where a robber,thug or someone successfully hitting you,and show us what to do in the situation.

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