Bury Martial Arts Adult Jujitsu

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A tiny snippet of my Jujitsu. This is just a normal club training night. I have put it on You Tube NOT for education purposes but to allow the general public…


Roman D says:

I like your techniques. They are executed very smoothly with surgical
precision. I love your counter move for a headlock! Well done!!!

I Tenkan says:

Just watched your vids , very well explained an nicely done , just what
I’ve been used too , just like our club ,great post ! 

Shinzaemon1 says:

Actually what wont happen is you ever putting combos like that together..
This is combat jujitsu.. not a grappling tournament. At that point elbows
would be raining down!!

Adam Byne says:

Awesome video, I saw you at Southend last weekend but never had to chance
to be taught by you. Shame cos your style of jujitsu looks great. Adam

wally1ball says:

before commenting, read the section under the video that says ” i have put
it on You Tube NOT for education purposes but to allow the general public
to see what we do. Please note that in the interest of safety, all the high
power striking, speed and aggression required for ‘Actual Combat’ is not
present, just the ‘core’ technique. The joint locking finishes are kept
loose and applied slowly to avoid injuries in training.”

Scorpionjujitsu says:

Thanks for you comments…

Shoco8 says:

@ 7:00 if u dont put your weight back on your heels, your in danger of
being reversed. if you base back with your head up that wont happen.

Jujutsukid123 says:

I do ju jutsu as well. I’m a small guy and sometimes have some trouble
taking some of my opponents down, can you give me some tips on how I did in
my 7th kyu red belt exam? I’ll post it as a video response. That was a
great take down

frank2796 says:

good stuff

Ballowall says:

Good stuff! Thanks for sharing.

Hinterfragen! says:

Great technique there, I realy enjoyed your videos! Would love to train
with you guys one day. You’ve got one more subscriber, tho.

SharkKarate says:

Very nice stuff sir!!!!

Antonio Colletta says:

This is a rare good JJ

kentishtowncowboy says:

Solid Drilled Ju Jitsu executed with panache by the Sensei. When he
articulates his intention, it also allows him to see options that he brings
out to the student group. In this he is improvising ‘cos he’s just seen it.
He also shows Control, Technique, No Gaps. The trinity. He consistently
breaks the balance of the uke. The students in their haste to practise
don’t also manage this and that is normal and why a student must have a
Sensei. Good stuff. Thanks for sharing.

Slownoisedubs says:

great stuff!

BushidoJuJitsu says:

All good Steve.

Robert Campbell says:


Claire Calverley says:

Very impressive!! :)

TheDojo4MartialArts says:

Finally a you-tube ju jitsu video to be proud of! Great Stuff,

bellend1974 says:

good stuff

Scorpionjujitsu says:

Thanks for your comments

Arifin Alif says:

great techniques… :)

senseifrazier says:

Great intensity in the execution. It forces your students to feel
uncomfortable which happens in a real fight… Good Work.

ragnar viking says:

im from heywood lol so not too far from me actually 

Aleksandar Tomic says:

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