White Belt Moves

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At Northstar Martial Arts in Sydney, we teach basic, easy to learn self defence as part of the system called Shinbudo. This video is a presentation of the si…


haashim muse says:


dogs rule says:

is it like a whole class or is it just one teacher teaching one student

Jetsy Antony says:

Thank you. I am a white belt and this help is helping me since i only got
my belt last week

Northstar Martial Arts says:

I worked as a bouncer for years and know what works and what doesn’t. No
matter what your physical skill level, be it BJJ, karate or what ever, if
the emotional and mental component is not addressed in detail then non of
it will work, no matter who you are or what you do or have done.

MrGoldx6 says:

Lol, That’s impossible I take like 30 years xD

ellie swift says:

I love martial arts

Tho Lucduc says:


Dozer Johnson says:

… I don’t know, watching this video reminded me of that movie because on
the street, 99% of most fights usually end up on the ground. Sure throwing
shadows punches and kicks and yelling is flashy and all but I’ve seen so
many would be fighters like this try this stuff in a real fight only to get
their bell rung. I’m just saying! :)

Dozer Johnson says:

Have you ever seen that western flick… “The Quick and the Dead”? Well in
that movie there was a gunslinger all dressed in black and he would shoot
the diamonds out of a deck of cards. Crowds gathered around him in awe and
amazed at the stunts he could do but when he was actually called out in a
real gun fight, he trembled in fear as a less flashy but real gunslinger
gunned him down.

bloodriotiori says:

This is…..huh….the guy he has demonstrating at the start is a black
belt…but he looks kind of like a white belt….

Northstar Martial Arts says:

Thanks for the kind comments Richard

Northstar Martial Arts says:

As far as 99% of fights ending up on the ground…that is an old, well used
urban myth. the reason that a fight ends up on the ground is simply because
the person is not skilled enough to stay standing. Non of my encounters
have ended up on the ground and were over very very quickly. Having said
that, in our system we do address the ground component as it is an
important aspect in an overall approach to martial arts and self defence.

c wilson says:

I learned this

Bushido Sensei says:

As always very informative ~ As always cool clear calm concise explanations
of techniques. Richard Holdstock ~ Sensei Goju Ryu Bushido Karate Academy
Blacktown City

Natalia Trinh says:

thanks for the advise

MrGoldx6 says:

It takes* (Typo)

GohModley says:

The sensei is a gray belt

irok127 says:


jada2003j says:

I’m a 10th degree black belt and I’m 15 teen

Tho Lucduc says:


arnol contreras says:

Fuck off bitch

Ungureanu Florin Cristian/Gaming4871 Official says:

Who need to be in a training center I HAVE YOUTUBE AND Northstar Martial

Northstar Martial Arts says:

A good,well trained martial artist that includes non contact and contact in
his training, and develops the much need killer instinct to survive, will
always “outgun’ a thug/bum so called tough streetfighter.

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