HOW TO; Spin a Bo Staff ( Martial Arts )

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This is my bo staff tutorial, if you have any questions about the bo staff, the video or my silly accent, feel free to message me. Check out any of my other …


Anthony Vassalli says:

check out my vid

Kaleb Black says:

i aredy knew that move

Trent Elko says:

Please stop saying bo staff. Just Bo or staff is fine. No need to specify
that the staff is a stick. Stick staff, stick staff, stick staff. Haha. How
effectively can you hit something with it and continue to escape death?

AdeMw2 says:

It’s hard, but when u practice enough it’s easy. :D

Kamal Sharma says:

Sooooooooooo confusing!

Ravi Dass says:

the bo is a historic weapon. If in battle u lost your sword, your ax, your
dagger it is something quite useful to save your life. It is fun to train
with and its a good thing to stay or become healthy. I like playing with my
bo – and it just takes a branche of a tree or a stick of a broom.

kentishtowncowboy says:

haha! That was too simple – and no, I didn’t know it. Thank you for
posting. I just trained in Kobudo yesterday so I can now add a simple
control that looks good! Thanks again. :-)

Mat Hyszka says:

my mistake then.. may all your endeavours bring great honour to you and
your family.

ThePhreakyBanana says:

I do this with broom sticks :D There’s a video on my channel actually lol.

The Elder Pros says:

I can.

Jake Mythest says:


bernieshardware says:

You are a good teacher. Good clear explanation to help beginners…you
might like men with sticks dot com website and the youtubes by the same

billnguyen62 says:

I hit myself in the crotch doing this. o

lentejTV9 says:

Doesn’t work with my wet mop

Alessandro Narjes says:

If you want to teach something,you should can do it :D Greets from germany :D

joe bender says:

there is N SUCH THING AS A BO STAFF! its either a bo(tapered,solid
wood,karate) or a STAFF(straight not tapered,made of wax wood or bamboo).
they put both together on the same page in a catalogue & people who NEVER
took a legit lesson thought they were the same thing! like the phoney
pailum or chi lin phonies!

Đỗ Minh Lộc says:


Nightwolfy1992 says:

Instructions could be a bit clearer, Dicks caught in a ceiling fan and I
broke my tv.

MelonManFilms says:

thats not how you do it

Andreas D. Lang says:

Your arms move waaay to much left / right, while they should stay more or
less in the center of your body. =)

Smaragdon says:

U Dutch?

RedFruit says:

Does it work it a blue painted stick?

TheDan0111111 says:

OMG you can do a figure of 8 so can everyone else make a useful tutorial

jroser37 says:

I know a guy that can do that with one hand

Ismaile karam says:

good vidoe

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