The Power of Apology

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In this Relatrick, Dr. David B. Hawkins shares the power of apology. Noting the importance of a sincere apology, Dr. Hawkins adds the three critical factors …


Beach ♥ Nature Lover says:

But, do ya’ ever feel as if YOU (i.e. really mean “me”) are the ONLY one
that ever offers up genuine apologies! Those with hardened hearts with
walls up are very difficult to apologize to. Accepting and offering up
apologies are, in my opinion, part of the natural nurturing
process..however, not all have developed it!

CatpurrRobertaBobbi says:

Dont forget to let people know that saying that you are sorry can often
make the person feel like they are less than nothing. My Dad sometimes says
that he is sorry only after he has gone to other people often strangers to
see if your hurt was normal. Like your tears were not enough for him.

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