The Indian martial art -Kalaripayattu (documentary)

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gekiryudojo says:

how embarrassing for these two yanks! stiff and and not trained in martial
arts, tut tut. 

elyusai1 says:

15:07 is like the version of the handkerchief flexible weapon in

mumbai3008 says:

Aren’t these guys supposed to be MMA fighters ? and they can’t even raise
their leg above their waist ? 

scorpionpark7 says:

you just think that you may made him angry? 34:40 :D 

Chris S says:

Phelwani thats what they sould have done for indian martial arts not this

arcadian33333 says:

thank god for you didn’t slit his throat !

FreeThoughtDIY says:

it took me until about 15:00 to figure out that his chest tattoo didn’t say
“chicken with water”

WikiWeirdNews says:

I saw Indian movie… Yeh it’s fucking powerful! One hit and everyone flies
around. Even the cars =o

BruceBlitzHasTits says:

smelly video

berz Au says:

their weapon art would surely be effective in a real fight, yet their hand
to hand fighting style is useless.

elyusai1 says:

7:09 Sawagejō Chō’s (from Rurouni Kenshin) Urumi sword.

scorpionpark7 says:

this martial art imites cocks.. lol (it’s interesting but not really
effective in my opinion)
while taekwondo is imiting the leopard.
this dudes would be made knocked-out from a single jump in taekwondo (the
olympic style)..
p.s. in taekwondo you can kick even by 5 times from a single jump.

elyusai1 says:

4:29 Preserved for thousands of years not just hundreds…

Daven Dill says:

what is the martial art that is studied where, at the begining of this
film, they ae whering white and throw each other off?

John Blaze says:

This must have been the style of fighting that Indian pirate knew on that
movie The League of Extraordinary Gentleman. 

Derrick Hodges says:

Lol, watching Indians try to be tough… This is priceless

jak keodeth says:

yo i didnt know indians were so deadly 

Magda Arciszewska says:

So american….. as long as finding out about kalari is interesting the
show was to predictable

Jot Nirinjan Singh says:

Amazing art! Beautiful. And a little scary to see how stiff the MMA guy is.

Mike Wasylkewicz says:

The Paper Tigers is a book by Allan Ondash that will help any martial
artist determine what is real and what is not. It is very comprehensive
leaving no stone untouched. It is the “Hell’s Kitchen” of martial arts.
Like Kung Fu !? yeah right more like Capoeira there is no rooting
techniques. This book will explain that. 

Runnin My Own Ting Top Shottas says:

ineffectiveness of this style was shown in how jimmy was dominating his
opponent who was a practitioner for a long time

theelfman says:

lol, they’re wearing cock holders!

mireartsak says:

Fully scripted entertainment show!! Sucks

Shandon Sims says:

Indians, the inventors of yoga, most people are going to be compared to

Katon Mano says:

In my opinion I think every Martial Art represents some kind of reptile or
animal, take jiu-jitsu for example like a snake curling up and choking the
life out of it’s prey the submissions in Jiu .jitsu play nearly the same
role. Also I think Martial Arts turns people from ordinary human beings to
lethal weapons and fighting machines because in some Martial Arts there are
strikes, takedowns, and throws that can either decapitate or cause death to
the enemy. This is a common move that is used almost all the time in the
ring the German Suplex that move can knock out or kill an enemy depending
on the area if this move is executed on concrete the conditions will be

Preet Tavadia says:

I’ve been there they showed me a display

Tarjinder Singh says:

8.56 Good block but it was also a attacking opportunity 

ICYMU Kofi says:

This is Defo gay….foot massage. sorry,they just got raped without
knowing! learn Wing Tsun gosh 

Bhattacharya D says:

Proud to be an Indian

L Cha says:

I can see the weapons combat in a way but the acrobatics I don’t see as
very effective. It looks cool but looking cool doesn’t win the fight. It’s
a little disorienting and time consuming

Dat Dinh says:

is this a common part of kalari hahaha

Erth Hope says:

very acrobatic and showing off kind of style, inefective in a real fight i
think, funny i always thought kalari was a lot about learning to manipulate
the weak points of the body.

Siddharth Shetty says:

HELL Yeahh!! My Ancestors Style P

rajesh nair says:

if only they fought the real kalaripayattu experts… these r just showoff
phonies…. !!! commerical kalaripayattu teachers…. LoL … this art is
dead what you see here is a s**t topped with a cherry !

Sharath Nagendran says:

It is certainly no as flashy as other martial arts. Kung-fu made this as
base and took it to great heights. The metal fights are fantastic in
Kalari, but not relevant in this age. The knife blocks are the best in
Kalari that I have seen.

Ali Zalusky says:

i really dont know but i dont like india ._. hmm

Muhammad Abrar Abdur-rahman Khan says:

Taekwondo is more effe

evil5150 says:

I call bullshido.

Yadunath R Varma says:

We Indians believe in the statement “Atithi devo bhavah” which in our
sacred language ‘sanskrit’ means “Guest is god” or more like “Guest becomes
god”. It was because of this that we treated foreign traders with such
hospitality in the earlier days. If these traders had tasted
“kalarippayattu” long before they sowed their seeds, they would not have
dared to conquer.

TheReadySetShout says:

10 bucks that the massage stuff is bs and he just wanted to rape him.

TheCorpseshredder says:

I would feel horrified fighting off a horde of Freddie Murcuries. 

curwin baron says:

This guys are amazing, I mean, in that little amount of time they became so
good at it, that’s cool, and they’re doing exactly what I want to do,
travelling the world and learning the different arts from different
countries .-. 

Muhammad Abrar Abdur-rahman Khan says:

Ancient form of kung fu, joke! If they are so strong why did they get beet
by the mid northern emperors who he no martial training rather barbaric

Muhammad Abrar Abdur-rahman Khan says:

Sorry, I was wrong. I accidently mixed up Mongolian rulings of the East,
with South East Asian history – trying to put the puzzle together , I got
the wrong output.

jdbm says:

when I saw the guy on the elephant I just kept thinking, QUIT SLACKING OFF

damandeep sandhu says:

effectiveness of fight does not depend upon the the style. It depends upon
the person.


David Landazury says:

vidjut yamwal brought me to this martial art

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