Kiai Master vs MMA

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a Kiai Master offers a 5000 dollar challenge that he can beat any MMA fighter. Too bad for him because his techniques doesn’t affect the MMA fighter For more…


MMaximuSS1975 says:

These two videos are meant to entertain and educate about the ease of self
Please watch. Lulz… . Part 2 of 2.
People think that mass delusion is difficult. Not so. When enough
like-minded sycophants get together and constantly circle jerk each other
without thinking outside their own box, reality will impose itself in a
very inconvenient and laughable manner.
Kiai Master vs MMA 

HellRehab says:

Mass delusion suddenly disconfirmed. Love it.

daboodeef179 says:

That guy is not a master

logant1990 says:

kinda leaves me wonder whoever the fuck in their right mind would even
follow this “master”

Hongjing Li says:

stupid fuck deserserd to get his ass beaten. The MMA guy should of punched
his brains out of that egoistic middle-aged dog

Rob Koch says:

Two things….1. I hope the guy got his money.And 2. I am ticked off at all
the students that supported this old fakes a$$ to make a living teaching
them nonsense. This stuff really angers me.

nativesupport2 says:

At the start it seemed to work?

Anders Kristensen says:

*Chris Tucker Voice* “You got knocked the fuck out!”

I love how MMA Guy calmly grabs the Jokers wrist, and then proceeds to
introduce his left fist, foot and elbow to his face. No fancy “eastern
mysticism” nonsense. No stupid unnecessary poses or hand movement, just
getting the job done. Chi my ass. This is real life, not fucking Dragonball
Z. Easiest $5.000 dollars MMA Guy will ever earn.

russrt spooling says:

Take notes kids todays lesson dont do that kung fu karate shit in a real
fight it will get you owned. lol fake ass dance shit.

dafuqawew says:

this is fake guys, the student fight and mma fight !!!!

Charlie Red says:

Nice. I love seeing a scam artist get exposed. Too bad we can’t do this
with preachers.

Ken Jones says:

So the way the guy was chopping his hands at the beginning of the fight, it
SEEMS like he really thought he had these powers and didn’t know why it
wasn’t working. Is that what’s going on? I assumed he knew it was just
students doing backflips to make it look real.

johnmonk66 says:

Stupid no touch chi karate bullshit, old man deserved worse.

nataq01 says:

it must realy hurt… to finnaly realise your whole life was bullsht.

Frisky Dingo says:

Literally the best video… of the previous century… filmed on a potato.

skaf008 says:

aikido in a nutshell 

john k says:

Same thing or even worse would happen to Steven Seagal’s ass.

sghunter says:


jigs9600able says:

Haha at 2:32 the guy is like “hay man, are you ok? I don’t really want to
continue kicking your ass.” And then he just does. This is hilarious!

Abdullah Alkahtani says:

lol, at 2:25 looks like he was saying why did you hit me? heheheheh poor

Super Bamse says:

This guy must have been bullshitting for so long with his student faking
it, that he actually believed he had magical chi powers or something. Why
would he fight someone who is not in on the fakery if he didn’t believe it?
Just bizarre. 

ShadowDaPk says:

To think that this kind of self-delusion is the same thing that leads to
dictators and tyrants.

ELi C says:

had to delete my comment all these fags were getting annoying

OyonTheAdept says:

mma beat that guy’s ass up so easily LOL.


red siix says:

I think what’s sad is, the guy has been practicing the art all his life
only to find out it’s really useless. 

MMaximuSS1975 says:

This is a perfect example as to why religion exists. Belief in a delusion
by people who brainwahed themselves. 

Imaginary Star Studios says:

Most amusing sight.
Though I wonder if his students really did go down – If you believe it will
hurt you, perhaps it does hurt you? (or at least cause you to unconsciously
hurt yourself) People, deep inside, do want to believe in magic, do they

Articient An says:

For all martial artists: Verifying things from the scientific perspective
is the important thing. Do not be impressed by the fame or brand of a
particular ‘Sifu’ or lineage. Always be ready to dispute and test things
out for yourself like a scientist. Do not jump into conclusion and follow
the ‘crowds’; think independently with your own scientific analysis.

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