Jet Li VS Wu Shu Master

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Click here the Last Fight Scene Over the next few days, word of Chen’s victory against Akutagawa spreads and Chen …

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Janne Flinck says:

I wonder what was the time, when they changed choreography, so that they
actually look like, that they are using reflexes, and not just move that
choreography through.

美都里立川 Midori says:

For you. Chinese 

scabab90 says:

This was just stupid.

eschelar says:

I live in Asia and I can verify that pretty much all Asian people do is go
down to their local tea houses and dojos to stand around and watch the
local martial arts masters fight.

Fortunately, there is a steady stream of martial arts masters since around
one in 10 is a triple black belt or higher and basically everybody studies
with a Chinese master at some point in their youth.

Also, things frequently speed up to triple normal speed. Very handy when
you’re late for work. Not so good when you’re facing a group of 15 or so
ninjas hired to take revenge on you for your father killing a local
farmer… Fortunately, that only happens once or twice a day.

Luxai says:

This is what I’ve sorta always despised about japanese flick movies – it’s
all so freaking unrealistic. Use of fast forward, special effects, support
from invisible wires, clipping techniques, or, if we wanna be more modern,
simple use of edit in editing programs. At least they could try and stay
SOMEWHAT faithful to how a real fight would go.

Willie Metoyer says:

this looks too fake

Tekkoman Drift Kingz says:

He changed to Kenpo around 2:00?

Tecumseh Sherman says:


edwah joshua says:

Whatever choreography used Jet LI used it better then Bruce Lee; so if what
was used the technique of Jet Li presents himself a better fighter. But the
truth could only proved in a fight match. It is my observation is the
better fighter within the same technique/style practice again and again and
some more that they know by body position the next move and counters it;
but with Bruce and Jet, they bring their own mix/style/speed which when
unknown or speed unmatched by the attacker is the attackers loss for
unfamiliarity and speed unmatched; sort of like playing Chess with a timer
to move. What a great match Bruce and Jet could have been 

jeev sandeep says:

what a fight how much likes can be given!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Usoppun Sama says:

i thought wu shu was a defensive art

Filip Janješić says:

they are so dusty

nice-new says:

It’s like dancing with the stars.

MyFlipNWorld says:

wow, those guys are really dusty.

MusicForAllTimes says:

they surely use a lot of flour

Jaded Muse says:

I just have to say that I think Jet Li is super hot…he is soo the man!

awais anwar says:

1:27 someone pushed the Jet Li button.

美都里立川 Midori says:

for you. chinese. 

KristenToffel says:

Do you even wu shu, brah?

AbdulJabbar Hameed says:

whats the name of the guy in red?

Peter Price says:

he ha hu hwarrr!!! :D 

JustWearAScarf says:

Finally some a High Quality fight scene.

ian mccallum says:

0:27 still gets me 

Arletless says:

parece una pelea de power rangers

Kayserilim2011 says:

ayaklarinda karbonatmi var unmu var tozu dumana kattilar amk :D 

Bryan EMO boy Miller says:

Dayyumm ass beatin

George Prowse says:

I haven’t seen Fist of Legend in about 15 years! Awesome!

king gameface says:

Jeet kun do…

pianoeman2002 says:

I love watching Jet Li kick ass! The man is no joke.

ProSportsForums says:

Made for film garbage. Completely out of control and leaving his entire
torso exposed with every attack. A far less competent martial artist would
win such a match. 

Invader Tim says:

He just casually turns into bruce lee halfway

Jeferson Lopes says:

Jet Li vs Wu Shu Master

The Gnostic Truth says:

This doesn’t even look “movie real” anymore. It looks like a modern
fighting video game. Anyway, a wonderful fight scene.

Sparrowhawk says:

If someone ever knocks me down, I hope I land in a one-armed pushup.

Paul Watson says:

This is actually the ancient art of bathing without water, where close
friends beat the dust from each anothers clothing and body.

kfki says:

the man he’s fighting with is not the master, he’s the senior mate

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