Kickin’ It: Leo Howard (“Jack”) Martial Arts Demonstration (Feb. 2012)

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Close – Check out an amazing clip of Kickin’ It’s Leo Howard (“Jack”) showcasing some of his crazy moves. Is he the real deal or what?! TV …


Deby Yong says:

ok that was almost cool but is jack a jumping jelly bean

MrGman0909 says:

i find it really annoying to see these comments about this is actually
martial arts and that hes the best, no you are all very wrong, first of he
is not the best there are many much better than him, second this is no
where near real martial arts, this is not practical like martial arts
should be, this is for showboating and thats it.

lake laos says:

Hi by hi by hi by hi by

Keira Cruise says:

Gymnastics much there Leo? Those backflips and cartwheels were amazing. 

Mya Sanda Win says:

How did u do the stunts very fast?

Justin Walls says:

Eddie vs Riley

Justin Walls says:

Huey vs jack

emelia cooke says:

when i showed my mate the show she didn’t believe that leo actually did
those stunts so i showed her this video and she was speechless.

Sylvia G. Vargas says:


Sylvia G. Vargas says:

I’m a black belt like you

Briana Creeger says:

Leo Howard is the best

joe tanner says:

Ya i take karate to

itswhoyouare says:

Definitely the real deal! I think the director and the producers chose the
right guy for this show, he’s like a ninja! :-)

grandekitty says:

omg he’s grown so much!!!

somebody else says:

i Love Leo! ;D <3

Ceja gonzales says:

damn, hes grown up. not like his days in Shorts..

Chrisytina Munden says:

that was amazingly HOT!!! OMG!!! hahahaha!!

101jumpergirl101 says:

omg he is sooo hot and only 1 yr older than me. luv him

26erla says:

I like watchin it

TheMichal294 says:

is goot

zoelouise2000 says:

Leo u r soo amazing

dawnpranger says:

I never seen a better martial arts student than u u are the best I
lovvveeeee u teach me do do thoes tricks

Mohsin shah says:

An you come to my house teach me karate pleas

Osorhean Julie says:

wife he has oly 15 years

david smith says:

you are awesome can you make a video of how to do karate please

Alia Muhammad says:

he is fine and epic

okeyogiose1 says:

leo would totally own jake short! leo has been doing it since he was 4 and
jake has only been doing it for about 4 years…

Chloe R says:

Hey is so sexy when he does martial arts!!!

Katy Johnson says:


Jun Hanvey says:


ILUVPONIES7009 says:

Hid he fall at 1:12

LeoAndGAndTayForever says:

His hair isn’t evem that long anymore and I doubt YOU could do what he did.

Nichelle Rochelle says:

FREESTYLE ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 0:41

shellycucombelle says:

0:47 my favourite part. Aaaahhh! He’s too cute! *starts fangirling*

Mohsin shah says:

Can you come to my

Satori Mitchell says:

He has a wife ….her name is dayana

KatieZachMusic says:

me watching this: :O like if u agree

vampireisfat says:

thE hottie is like a ninja

Rhiana Verdugo says:

He’s amazing-333 omg he’s sosoooo hott!!;)

1sweetcherrycrazy says:

i just found out he could do a double backflip *_* leo is just amazing :)

tr223hungergames says:

he’s so freaking sexy

leoh514 says:

come to my channel for new updates on me

Renee Z says:

i love this show! i watch it on my netflix

norziahamir49 says:

I wish Iwas Leo’s neighbour haaaaaaaa it will be so super cool

fantastic097 says:

Muthafucka is definitly flexible

jaylin hardin says:


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