The Deadliest Knife in the World : The Karambit

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The Karambit or kerambit is a small Southeast Asian hand-held, curved knife originating in Indonesia. The karambit spelling is mostly used in the Philippines…


michael weedmark says:

There is no such thing as a “deadliest knife”, it depends on the skill of
the user. A highly trained person with a KA-BAR style fighting knife could
easily dispatch an untrained person with a karambit.

Alex Thorne says:

To the idiots claiming that guns are universally better at everything:

It’s all about the situation.
A melee weapon obviously holds the advantage at close quarters, and a gun
obivously holds the advantage at range.

You have to account for many other factors aswell, so competing between a
gun and knife is pointless. Controversial at best.

If in a real fight, the one who utilizes their strengths and the enemy’s
weaknesses most efficiently is the one who will end up victorious.

Wasn’t this common fucking sense?

BrainSeepsOut says:

They always assume the enemy will be standing still but in a real fight the
movements are unpredictable.

Jon Miller says:

Guns, Knives, and Martial Arts; why not combine the three.

y05077 says:

Listen to me gun nuts, I know you think your guns make you invincible and
anything that gets near you can be shot. However anyone who has studied a
martial art for any decent length of time can tell you how false you are. A
gun in terms of actual fighting is a very slow thing, you have to first
draw it, you have to second aim, then you have to fire. Now empty hands,
you can just go and when you see the speed top martial artists can move at,
good luck getting to you gun. Second a person who uses a knife will have it
deployed and cutting you before you get your gun, a trained person will
first of all disable your shooting arm with a very simple cut to the inside
of your elbow. Now I’m no master of my martial art but if I were close
enough to someone with a gun my first strike would be to the inside of the
elbow just to prevent them reaching that gun again I’m not master but I can
say I am fast enough to prevent you getting to that gun. If you have the
gun in your hand very simple strike to the wrist to knock that gun away ,
then break the trigger finger using the gun, very easy to do. So now you’ve
got a gun you can’t fire, good luck going up against anyone.

Brody Ipson says:

i have a stat trak

youngsexynerd1 says:

Look at all the gun nuts commenting….. Geez, no one fucking cares about
your pussy gun weapons. The fact is guns are for pussys and they are
intended to shoot and kil someone from far away all while avoiding physical
contact! Meanwhile you have to have balls to use melee weapons like a knife
up close and personal while you and your opponent can both actually fight
back! So shut up, guns are for pussys scared to fight, knives are for
awesome people like me who prefer a up close and personal form of self

Schatten2712 says:

a loaded gun doesn’t care of how sharp your knife is bro

the777 says:

Pull a karambit on a concealed carry permit holder and you will see
firsthand that you are not faster than a speeding bullet.

BadNews Barrett says:

Is it StatTrak?

Mitchell Clark says:

Could’ve easily killed them with a combat knife while he was slicing the

bravojr says:

Krambit is very very good…. versus an idiot.
Kitchen Machete for the win!

Zachary Moye says:

It is cool but if I had to carry a knife for protection and not a gun, I
would take a straight blade. If these knives were superior I would bet
that many armies around the world would have adopted it instead of the
straight blade. Either that or they just haven’t watched as many youtube
videos as me.

kitkatkid1976 says:

:-| ………okey now I’m scared of Indians 

Yolo Mcswaggings says:

I came here from cs go.

Master That Guy says:

I love those Gun Nuts who say “(Insert melee weapon here) can never defeat
my gun!!!” It’s one of the main reasons why I wish guns never existed.
(Don’t call me a pacifist, i just think swords and knives are a hell of
alot cooler than any gun.)

bizbite2 says:

Get an untrained guy with a machete and he will kill hundreds of karambit

lanigirognithemos says:

Which show is it from?

James Robson says:

This is such a stupid title for this video. The knife, or weapon, itself
has nothing to do with it’s own deadliness. It depends on the person
wielding the weapon. If you were to put one of these against, say, a
heavily armoured, skilled, knight from medieval times, then the knight
would win due to the armour and shield they may carry. To call a weapon
‘The Deadliest’ is an asinine statement, however I do submit in a close
hand to hand combat situation, the karambit in the offhand when coupled
with a more primary blade, can be a lifesaver. It depends not on the weapon
itself, but on the situation the user is in and the ability of the user

jlrockafella says:

this is stupid, of course the guy wins against an unarmed opponent. Good
luck wining a gun fight with that. It is definitely not the deadliest knife
in the world, a kitchen knife is more dangerous. I mean look at that little
thing, LOL

james ketchum says:

You bring your knife ,I will let you get close for strikeing range will let
you start the draw want this all legal and all as soon as you move your
hand I will have had time to out draw you put 6 40 cal hollopoints into you
head ,heart both kidneys,one to your right and left lung and have safetied
holstered and took out a CIG light it as you realize how dead you are.. Yes
I am that fast and good probably have time to pull your knife and stick you
with it also I can hit 15 targets in less than three seconds and still have
time to drop you before you clear leather. Practice some more. You will
live longer oh I am very good with knives but when I run out of ammo most
of the smarter ones leave while I let them.

Puudelimorso says:

0:52 Attack on Titan season 2 leaked footage?

Indonesia says:

Darn… that animation is kinda disturbing 

LukeIsC00L says:

I more scared of these then guns lol

otis riedel says:

y u no kukri? just chop them in the kidneys lol that’s alot faster.

Peter Steman says:

Well, sure if you use a tiny blade and cut my arteries, tendons, Jugular
veins, I won’t have a chance. Flesh can’t withstand the cutting ability of
sharp objects like knives and stabbing weapons.

david thomas says:

well I know what i’m getting for Christmas 

HaystackGaming01 says:

For everyone one saying guns are clumsy in close quarters, look at any
special operations forces training, and you will see that they perfect the
art of utilizing their gun even an inch away from their enemy

Logan Caines says:

Anyone else think of two titans fighting during the simulation? Or am I a
nerd lol.

Meck1786 says:

Those who say these guys would lose to guys with guns or bigger knives
don’t really understand the context of the use of the karambit. First of
all this is tiny karambit. Some karambit have 10 inch diameter from the
point to the base of the blade. These karambits are made to use
deceptively. Normally a more suitable weapon would be used primarily. Like
a firearm or a larger blade. If for whatever reason the primary weapons
failed you could quickly draw this tiny karambit and use it (ideally)
without the enemy being able to tell you are armed. Imagine taking a guys
rifle or machete away from him and thinking he’s no longer a threat and
then being cut multiple times with something you can’t see. That’s the
point of a karambit. 

MakoSucks says:


greg77389 says:

I saw the thumbnail and thought this was a Mortal Kombat video…

Zed orda says:

I would like to see a fully trained Karambit fighter take on a fully
trained long swordsmen. It would be a very “short” battle. lol

MrTacticalinuit says:

“Deadliest knife in the world” No. Just no. 

Daniel Neacsu says:

Eye stab isn’t so important, i mean he/she can’t walk and his/her jugilar
viein is cutted.

akbar darmawan says:

Karambit not 1 v 1 weapon (i think)
but it was a assasin weapon

Sam Tu says:

If u think bout tit the warriors are like guns you don’t know if there
loaded or not

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