Gita saar part 2 with verses of Bhagavad Gita

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This is part 2 of the serie Geeta saar, enjoy!


Anshul Sharma says:

where is it next part………??

Mayur Panghaal says:

Fantastic.absolutely true.i am free now !!! No happiness …no sorrow…no
lament…no ecstacy. Thank you lord. Jai sri krishna !!!

omasahni says:

I loved the first part better because I could read the lyrics. This part is
also very soothing but unfortunately the wordings are not there. The
meanings are top notch. Please put the lyrics up also. There is Geeta
Updesh sung by Gulshan. do you have any access to it, if so please post.
Thank you.

MsNanda1993 says:

Very heavenly and soothing, hare krishna

Shital Mandhana says:

keen to know if there is 3rd part of this video..if any one has please

vidisha03 says:

this is so…..very soothing and touching. Where is the part 3 ???? I feel
like heaven…..hearing this….

picadeli1 says:

is there any other part of this link?

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