Asking Strangers For Food! (Social Experiment)

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OckTV says:

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” Please
SHARE & give this video a huge thumbs up for spreading love

OckTV says:

Thank you all for the support and the inspirational messages you guys sent
us! WE LOVE YOU ALL. Please share this video to spread awareness 

weepangoons says:

This is so disgusting and condescending. You used this homeless person as
if he were some kind of prop for your video, then you gave him a big tip
and tapped yourselves on the back for it? Fuck you. If you really want to
help homeless people how about you give the advertising profits from this
video to a reputable charity that helps people in poverty? Or even better,
how about you put in some time volunteering, on a regular basis, rather
than show-off a single time on camera? Fuck you for this sensationalist
self-congratulatory bullshit. 

monk persia says:

Isn’t weird and disgusting that men are the only one that give the Homeless
people something? Search it on youtube you wont find a women or girl giving
the homeless man something. It’s 100% men.
and i’m disgusted by the fact that people think women have more hearth than
men. It’s rarely to find a a women atleast do something good.

Look at women youtubers, They look pathtic and selfish and all they do is
posting a video of how fantastic their life is. Tell me if i’m wrong fcking

TheBestbackingtracks says:

Thanks for putting “sad” music in the backround! After all, I am just some
dumb human being who is incapable of feeling any sense of emotion unless
you manipulate me with music!

Elia Guardiola says:

Os dejo este video (sin subtitular, aunque poca falta hace). Si tenéis 3
minutos merece la pena. Llamadme hipersensible, pero mis lágrimas han sido
inevitables viendo más allá del vídeo.

*”En la vida, se recoge lo que se siembra, o esto es lo que me enseñaron
mis padres. Más tarde o más temprano tus esfuerzos y tu predisposición a
mejorar tus aptitudes y sobretodo tus actitudes, dan sus frutos. De una
forma u otra, pero los dan.*

*El ser humano, como siempre digo, inhumano en muchos casos, situaciones y
circunstancias, justificadas o no, tiene mucho que aprender (tenemos) de
nuestra misma especie.*

*Los experimentos sociales pueden parecer una tontería, incluso estoy
convencida que muchos están manipulados, pero siempre que veo alguno, no me
quedo con el cómo se montó, sino el resultado de este mismo ser humano
capaz de sorprender en las situaciones más insospechadas.*

*No deberíamos mirar jamás a nadie por encima del hombro a menos que sea
para ayudarle a levantarse…”* *Èlia*

#mireflexionpersonal #thoughts #pensamientos #attitude
#actitudpositiva #serhumano 

Arseny Reynolds says:

The reaction of the homeless guy hurt my feelings, watch this video guys,
and you might as well get a lesson from this

Giulia S says:

♥༺♥༻ ♥………EMOZIONANTE……..♥༺♥༻ ♥..
Questo esperimento mostra senza ombra di dubbio quello che probabilmente
molti sanno già: spesso chi possiede di meno è anche più propenso a donare.
Le persone per strada si erano mostrate indifferenti alla richiesta di cibo
di questo ragazzo, mentre un uomo in gravi difficoltà economiche non ha
esitato a condividere il suo pasto.

Sexy Shrek ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

what to heck, 11mil views?

Aaron Joshua Turrioni says:

Typical americans….
I dont know but if it were me ill give anyone whos hungry with anything
that is left out for me cause i know for myself that i can buy another one
but he cant

Phong Ta says:

Is it true that the people at the bottom of the society are more human, and
the people at the top are monsters?

Chris Snyder says:

This will be stopped as only the government is allowed to feed the homeless

VanDammedia says:

That’s why in #Islam, ALLAH asked us to fast at least one month every
year…so we could feel the hunger and pain of the poor and help them out!
Feeling is a bless.

Karina Müller says:


Tisto mokhtarovic says:

thanks god iam an ALGERIAN , thanks god for ISLAM , thanks god………
this homeless man pushed my tears out , shame on you americans

reginald56000 says:

Its easy for the Homeless guys to give a slice of pizza because the pizza
didnt came from his hard work..and the pizza is large enough to be shared..
the others that you asked for slices (the regular earning people) only have
one piece which is only enough for them, so its normal that they wont give
a slice..and the one who is asking for a slice looks rich or can afford to
buy one at its only a normal reaction that they wont share..sooo do
i have a point??

NoseMoisture says:

This isn’t a “social experiment” this is being rude by asking people for
food then giving food to a homeless man who shares because it wasn’t his to
begin with.

Jose Caneira says:

Asking Strangers For Food! (Social Experiment):

surfsup2uk says:

Someone said Something bout Breaking bread w One another ;^)

Asking Strangers For Food! (Social Experiment):

Bistocracy says:

Lesson is: if you don’t work or pay for something is much more easy to
offer it. 

Mimi W says:

the idea that the homeless man gave away pizza more freely because he
didn’t pay for it seems a little basic to me. Yes, its most probably a
factor but I think empathy is more poignant; the homeless man knows what
its like to be hungry, and wouldn’t wish it upon another. He relies on the
kindness of others, thus in seeing the importance of kindness makes sure
that he himself is a manifestation of kindness.
If there’s anything I’ve learned from life its that those who have the
least will give the most.

Nacho Caceres says:

Donde lo veo subtitulado en español? 

Mil Lee says:

Someone said Something bout Breaking bread w One another ;^)

Asking Strangers For Food! (Social Experiment):

Danniel Lewis says:

you guys are doing really great job,it’s so touching to see that humanity
still exists!

Alice Ruiz says:

Si ese es el asi fue la ultima vez que lo vi la familia esta loco buscando
en new york City y no dan con el por eso pedimos ayuda para saber
exactamente donde se esta quedando el para encontrarlo y poder ayudarlo

kallistyle says:

According to most of the comments you have to not clean yourself, you have
to not cut your hair (maybe a friend does that for you btw), you have to be
neglected with your clothes (that might be from charity) and to smell bad
to be considered that you can’t afford a slice of pizza.Maybe the person is
diabetic and forgot his wallet.I myself forgot my wallet one day and I
almost fainted on the street because I walked all day by feet having no
food or water and I’m healthy person.It’s unbelievable how people jump into
conclusion without using there brains.

LoungeActVideos says:

It’s been proven time and time again the people who can afford to share
won’t (most of the time, there is exceptions) but the people who barely
have anything with always share and they’d give you the shirt of their back
if it meant you wouldn’t be cold. They know what it’s like to not have much
and they don’t want it to happen to other people.

King Harry says:

I hate that line “i worked for it”
ok you worked for it and you deserved it fair enough
but c’mon man
you cant be that selfish
im sure this homeless man worked somewehere once
and now look where he is
give charity help others do good deeds God will help you and guide you
someday you will need help and if you were selfish and bad person
you will get same treatment.

josodip bhattacharjee says:

I am speechless!!! This is so touching. Thank you for this beautiful
message. Wish the world would be a better place…

freejdc1 says:

Nasty ass white people will eat ANYTHING…..including ASS. SMH. Always
wearing sandals in the winter……….

Florentine says:

There’s a couple of things in this video that bothered me. First of all, it
seems quite unlogic to me that people should just give there food whenever
someone stops by and asks for it. I think that if you would at least have
done the effort to look like you can’t afford a pizza, you would have
gotten complete different reaction. Secondly, isn’t it a bit suspicious
that first a guy with ock tv brings him a pizza and then a guy with exactly
the same logo comes and asks for a slice? And finally there’s the homeless
guy crying. You just imply that he’s crying of gratitude or whatever, but
couldn’t it be that he’s just so miserable about the fact that he has to
live of what others give him?

Negative KD says:

I laughed so hard when that homeless guy started crying

The Benjamin says:

nice concept. But don’t wear OckTV shirts when you’re filming this. The
homeless person probably saw that too, probably. 

Iftimie Ionica says:

Se vede cine este om (It shows who the man)

Alice Ruiz says:

His name is Eric Gely Caseres his is from Puerto Rico and his family is all
down here in PR and we need to get in contact with him pleaseeeee help us

Almir Delibegovic says:

What idiot could dislike this video. :(
Shame on them.

Mary Lou CPRS IL says:

God said, “Feed My Hungry, take care of My Homeless” what have you done in
His Holy name?” 

Vapryx says:

the other people he asked paid for their food. the guy they gave the pizza
to got it for free AND it’s an entire pizza to himself instead of the 1-2
slices that the other people had. of course he’s not going to have a
problem sharing

PaperVisions says:

Is there another country who sells pizza this huge ? This is why americans
are obese..

Neil Greene says:

Sad thing is, you could go through life with the “selfish” goal of just
feeling good. Who has ever helped a person in a less fortunate situation,
and NOT walked away feeling good. Feeling good, about yourself and not
your things, takes away the pain and heartaches of life. And no one can
take that away from you. Yeh, I call it selfish. Because I like to feel
good. But, I especially like to feel good when I have helped someone else
feel good. It just makes sense.

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