The Best Krav Maga practitioner in the World

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Close The Best Krav Maga practitioner in the World, Roy Elghanayan ,The only person to have won Israel’s top Krav maga award for two cons…


Matthew McManus says:

To anybody who thinks Krav Maga is synonymous with disarming somebody,
you’re very misinformed.
And to those saying Krav Maga doesn’t work, i’ll reiterate, you’re
Krav Maga is the practice of removing a threat with as little excersion as
possible, which mostly includes running from your agressor.
This includes things like knowledge of pressure points and how to
manipulate them, eye gauging, punch to the bridge of the nose, even kicking
to the genitals.
It’s about subduing a threat as quick as possible so that you’re not
injured and the person you’re fighting doesn’t have a chance to draw a gun
or knife if concealed.
So realistically, in a ‘real’ situation, Krav Maga is probably one of your
best defensive options.

Samson Moses says:

I’m having trouble finding a Krav Maga video that isn’t choreographed. Is
it real?

NathAndTheMOLE says:

it would be nice to see this technique in UFC he would dominate,looks
really fast and accurate, anyone know if he is coming to UFC 

drsnowmon says:

Krav Maga looks like it’s a mix of Aikido, Taekwondo, Karate, Judo, etc

CroAuslander says:

Krav Maga is utter bullshit…I have been training MMA (BJJ as groundgame
and Kickboxing for standup) for 7 years, my collegue has been training Krav
Maga for 5 years and works as an instructor…I kick his fucking ass every
time we have a sparring. Its one thing to make demonstrations with limp and
relaxed people like we have seen in this video and its another thing to
fight with people who wont stand in one place like retards when you grab
them…. Krav Maga is shit…

notleftbehind says:

most of this stuff wont work in real life cause in real life people dont
come running and punch at the air. 

PirateEmoreg says:

This stuff won’t work in real life. If someone grabbed hold of my gun you
bet I am gonna shoot. I would like to see this guy defend against a sniper
trained at his head.

Tim Schauer says:

For anyone who thinks Krav Maga, or any other type of martial art is
bullshit, I implore you to test it out yourself. For instance, tell Stephen
Seagal you think Aikido is for pussies and you’ll bitch slap him to prove
it. Sure, tell this ex-Israeli police officer how much you don’t think of
KM…get in his face and tell him you’ll bitch-slap him to prove it. It’s
easy to sit on the internet and voice your opinion. So, A) post a picture
so we know who you are, and don’t be fake about it. B) Then upload a video
of you beating the crap out of your chosen top-notch master. Until you can
beat the man, you got no business talking crap about his art. That is

mole646 says:

Total bullshit! Just more Zionist kike rat propaganda! Exactly how many
krap maga practitioners have won any mma, or ufc fights? Can one of there
boxers beat Floyd Money Mayweather? I train in The Kwon Do from childhood
as well as Muay Thai and Jujitsu and I can see that this is nothing more
but a rehash! White Israelie so-called Jewish people taking credit for
something that they someone else has already been doing! How can you say
its an extreme form of street fighting if you’ve never been in a street

Kriegsmarschall Grim says:

Hollywood grade jewshit.

Wordsmith Gobshite says:

BLAH BLAH BLAH, All this ‘my dad’s bigger than your dad’ bullshit in the
comments section again. Different martial arts work for different people of
different sizes and strength’s, you won’t find the ones that are competent
in their style trashing other people’s choices.

Claira Grace says:

When you know that much and you trained at slow speeds and then you do it
in hyper mode which is faster then your regular fight speed then people who
only know a few ways to fight just stand there like they have never seen
anything it is called a freeze zone you have to push past it count faster
and move faster then you can think… Cool video it is hard not to hurt
people for real you don’t want to hurt anyone in a demonstration. Also
with some of the best fighters you really didn’t see 3 moves per fight
range on most of it until you look in slow motion. So they kind of have to
do it real slowely 

Bryan Hall says:

This guy’s definitely legit, but as a KM practitioner, I can tell you that
the majority of what I see in this video is NOT Krav Maga- it’s ju-jitsu. 

Rashed Noorzaye says:

Do we really want to live or do we want to be immortal that is the question
everything else is irrelevant at birth after one year you make a decision
wether you live a life chasing immortality or do you want to make the most
out of your expected natural life length and that is what makes us a bad or
good in the simplest of terms and that applies morally, political,
socially, physically, mentally and the rest will come after likes in the

Jack Smith says:

BJJ fans you have mistake the octagon for outside, I don’t think there were
many foam octagons about during the birth of (lots of wars) the ancient
nation we know as China, or when the Japanese fought off the Mongolians, or
when the Carthaginians sacked rome (i know both sides did not use styles
discussed here in that one), but im sure if the Mongolians, Romans or
Chinese tribes (that opposed imperal rule) had put on some skin tight
speedo’s and rubbed there genital on a mans ass whilst choking him things
would have gone a lot better for them…ah well thanks to UFC (the
sport…remember?) we now know the truth…..and that is people will
believe anything if you put it on telly, even that a sport style of
fighting is more useable in practical application in real life than styles
used by millitarys, I mean what would they know about effectiveness of
fighting, right? ….in a word….NO!

Richard Mcginnis says:

i just went and looked it up and it is from a bunch of different fighting
styles. and then i read that has been toned down for military and police,
so what they are learning is top of the chain that means there will be none
of the real fighting taught to civilians

Chuck Jackson says:


ants mirez says:

I’m sure your expert eye would have caught lots of ju jitsu moves in this
vid amongst other forms of martial arts. I think this guy can fight, maybe
you should post a vid of your expertise and school us all.

Devil Dog says:

For craps sakes, will you read what all these frail egos are actually
saying about a demonstration. IT IS AN EXHIBITION! The guy is demonstrating
abilities in a martial art and he would be the first to tell you so and
likely the first to laugh within at the silly little men with tender little
egos that are criticizing an obviously talented and well trained guy. Let
me give you egomaniacal knuckleheads a little insight into martial arts:
they are not intended to be focused on an MMA competitor, they are actually
intended to give an ordinary person an advantage in a threatening situation
so as to remain alive. No one cares whether you do MMA, BJJ, PDQ or ASAP,
you numb skulls give martial arts a bad name and perpetuate the fallacy
that a martial artist is big, bad, has a giant mouth and a ballooned ego,
they don’t but jack asses that think they are bad to the bone do. The best
of the best are quiet, unassuming and want to be, it is a natural ambush,
you jocks with cavernous mouths and inflated self images think they are
mild and meek until you are down with a crushed throat taking your last
breaths and wanting your mommy. Grow the F up, you act like little boys
trying to be tough on a playground! The true martial arts community is both
sick of you and laughing their butts off at your silly ego as they know
most of you are amateurish and basically full of crap, just like George
Dillman, look him up.

Max Fiedler says:

lol, this is like a mixture of aikido, and kung fu. its all bullshit, and
not worth learning

K Head says:

I practice krav maga I think it can be affective but only by few. What I
dont lime is where people that train in krav think they are a badass like I
have seen twice on TV. Where people think there cool for being students it
takes away any honor for the art. I myself am far from badass I just wish
people from any art of training would keep what they know to themselves or
talk little about there art unless they are a true master because its
imbarresing to the rest of us and whoever does deserves a kick to the face.

Yau Qi Herng says:

krav maga is something that is useful only when your opponent don’t know
how to fight. Don’t use krav maga against the pro

Harold Clendenen says:

I would be more impressed if the assailants did more than just stand there
zombie like.

thesteelerfan1973 says:

Any video of him actually fighting somebody?

Peter Bromberg says:

*A little something to get the blood pumping*
Krav Maga (from the Hebrew, “contact combat”)
is a self-defensce system developed for the military in Israel that
consists of a wide combination of techniques sourced from boxing, savate,
Muay Thai, Wing Chun, Judo, Jujutsu, wrestling, and grappling, along with
realistic fight training. 

Watery Squirt says:

The funny thing is this is fight choreography none of this actually happens
in a real fight.

Samuel L Jackson says:

This shit is full of crap.. Look at the first encounter.. the guy slowly
walks into him with his hands lowered, like he wants to grapple or hug or
shit.. Anyone can anticipate that attack without the Kobra Kai showbizz
demonstration.. Other clips same shit.. As soon as the guy grabs him
somewhere, his subject simply freezes. waiting to be rolled over. and
suddenly it looks spectacular.. NO ONE attacks like that in the streets.
The gun disarming is the worst part, guy shows of 7 complex hand grips over
the rifle “Look, i disarmed your gun. takes a bow while the other kikes
clap.” It only takes one second to release the bullet, meanwhile the idiot
would still be trying to employ his 7 hand-grip technique.. F*ck outta
here. If they were really that elite, they wouldn’t need top of the line US
tax-money sponsored weaponry while totally outnumbering unarmed kids and
civilians, and still shitting their pants for them while using unnecessary
force on them. These fags are a bunch of pussies who couldn’t stand a war
against a country with a real army. that’s why they pick on women and kids
belonging to a people without an army. That shit is a military fail of epic

Dubble Tre says:

This guy is fucking Batman.

bilyataide bily says:

seja preparado peça a Deus pra nunca precisar se precisar esteja preparado

Yahushua Reigns says:

I do systema and Jee Quen do , Mu Thai and for the nay sayers this stuff
does work. Krav Mega is like the sister of Systema and after you been
training for a while you will see you reflexs , movements get better and
you will be able to respond with confidence on the street. I dont know why
MMA guys feel threatened by hand to hand combat? In a cage with gloves and
pads I am a disatvantage. I don’t train with pads I train with full
contact. On the street a MMA fighter would get destroyed against a fighter
in Krav mega or Systema.

Tyler K. says:

aweful video quality. But this fighting style is awesome. So here are my
thumps up!

cox mox says:

Krav Maga israelian is a shit , kill people – fuck pussy

Pablo consolascio says:

if yo ran mma fighter Kickboxer ore other mixes in you have rules! jaa now
bitches! On the streets there are now rules as sow as i could come and poin
a gun @ jou r face.
The point is there are now rules in Krav Maga as in Reality, thats the
Too all People hat think that Krav Maga is Bullshit, sow get your eyes open
Dick heads Reality is In front of you and can come any time that days you
neven kow.
Good Night..

throathammer1 says:

skip to 57 seconds. YW 2500 boxers did not approve this video.

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