“Official” Worlds Fastest Gun Disarm, Black Belt Victor Marx (VM disarm)

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check out my website http://www.victormarx.com “In my 31 years of training in martial arts and 11 years as a Navy SEAL Sniper, I’ve never seen a faster handg…


JA SH says:

so he died twice and then grabbed the gun….ok

tory mountain says:

That ninja speed crap wouldn’t work on me cuz I always firmly duct tape the
weapon to my hand, gun knife, hot coffee, whatever. 

TheDigitalPillars says:

All that is gonna do is get you killed. 95% of the time you will fail and
probably end up dead.

rsbarrett4991 says:

very fast… but not fast enough if someone truly has “zero” conscience….
my question is why did he not even duck in the slightest when disarming the
guy in case he did get the trigger off in time…. he would still have
plenty of reach to pull off the move…

Eli Gildener says:

Not hating, but the dude wasn’t griping the pistol tightly at that point.
In a real life situation, which would be tense, the subject would be more
likely to grip the weapon tightly, and therefore this is jobs realistic

K cs says:

If firearms were illegal in the US, they wouldn’t have this problem. 

jerry silverman says:

The famous Danish physicist, Neils Bohr, once proved mathematically that in
a gun fight you have a higher chance of winning if you quickly reach for
your gun and shoot than when you’re already pointing it at the enemy. When
the gun is already in your hand and is pointed at the opponent, you’re
inevitably wasting time on choosing the moment. Your opponent, on the other
hand, doesn’t have to choose the moment, his only job is to move as quickly
as possible. Keep that in mind, those of you who say this sort of thing
will undoubtedly get you killed in real life.

Efreeti says:

Don’t ever try this unless you’re sure they want to kill you. Your wallet,
phone, etc, is worth less than your life.

BurtSteven says:

It’s easy to do this against an unloaded gun. But on the street the
situation is much different. You will not be able to think so clear when
someone pulls a gun of you. It will shock you so only if you train this
technic every day over and over you may eventually succeed. But it the
other one is just a second faster you get shot. So the risk is damn to
high. So better give him the money cause it’s not worse to get shot.

zezizarjaars says:

Even when I click pauze play pauze play pauze play I struggle to see how he
did it

SCWROX says:

During my 4 years time in hapkido, I got taught that if something like this
ever happens I should move out the centre of line but as I do that I should
block and strike, then disarm with either a take down or braking the arm. 

Justintime says:

I’m just as fast. :3

Smith Andrew says:

Even a 12 year old can do that. Its not disarming. Its just snatching a
gun out of a guy’s hand. A real disarm is sometin more complicated than

BritishAdamantine says:

Internet tough guys, Internet tough guys everywhere…..

Stephanie White says:

Wow people have some dumb comments below! I thought that was damn fast and
freakin amazing!

Killa bee says:

One flaw i noticed in your disarm, you made a facial movement indicating
you was going to attack. before you disarmed him, this could be a fatal

Myke Evangelesta says:

But in a real life scenario, the gunman won’t put the gun against your head
in such a manner, that whole demonstration is mostly likely to occur in

ants mirez says:

Pretty fast but get keeping your head in the line of fire before taking
control of the weapon is very dangerous


The left hand should slap the gun up and punch him in the throat with the
right. Could have caught a cap the way you did it.

Kristoffer Fagerbækk says:

Cartman would say “Just kick him in the nuts!”

Rufus Shipman says:

Well considering criminals won’t wait for.you to disarm them. I would say
you are most liking going to be robbed and or killed. Don’t try this!

drabnail777 says:

Sit back and watch everyone become an expert on Martial Arts.

Danny Gee says:

The disarm was quick, no doubt about it. But the first showy tries were to
relax the audience and the gun holder so that when he did make a move, the
person holding the gun was on ‘slow mode’ and not focused on pulling the
trigger when he spotted the move coming. Still, I would think the disarm
could be effective in a real setting.

David Hamrich says:

Not a very useful technique.. too many variables in a real life situation..
there are much better ways to diffuse this threat.. 

joeinpittsburghpa says:

Very impressive. I don’t know if I would try that because I could never be
that fast. However this is a demonstration and not real life, if a loaded
was gun pointed at you and happen to have a hair trigger it could have
accidentally went off and you still end up getting shot. Plus my guess is a
real criminal would be more likely to react causing something to happen and
you still might get shot.
Not saying you personally have not been in a real situation where this
saved you or you couldn’t do it. I think for myself and the average person
it would be a bad choice to try doing this in real life….

69adrummer says:

Soooo in church, they teach you how to disarm people with guns?

Michael Goodwin says:

I am now prepared to engage an armed individual

Bill Blakely says:

There are people who are way faster than normal people. If you combine that
with training, this is what you get.
Normal people should not attempt this.
I have seen one like him; and it is disturbing to realize how badass they

firstbornjordan says:

Snatching v Disarming; distance apart, foot work, appropriate timing – when
not to disarm. Speed may get you there, but speed alone may not be enough
100 per cent of the time. Cool to watch; complex to implement properly,

boogyman489 says:

I would of pulled my ankle gun out and shot him 

Ben Dherover says:

And what do you do if the guy is one of those retards that hold the gun
sideways? seems like anyone who is dumb enough to want to kill you for a
few bucks is going to be one of those mental defective sideways pointing

Kayuubi1 says:

The fucks with all the hate going on in the comments? He did this so fast
if you blinked you missed it. He’s clearly got a level head and knows what
he’s doing.

Bao Vu says:

He used the first two times to condition the guy to think he wouldn’t do it

Schluesselmensch says:

My Australian Cattle Dog can eat a standard NATO soft serve ice cream cone
in approximately the same amount of time.

Mark s says:

Victor Marx Can you post a slow motion please :P still don’t get it eheh :) 

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