Slap fighting martial arts – Slap jitsu

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Rasmus Christmas says:


znjfl says:

You dont actually need training to achieve this. All you need to do is be
born a female, and NOT train martial arts.

Brunbergo says:

I can´t tell if they are fucking with us?! says:

I didn’t realize how powerful this technique was until he ripped a piece of
paper with his deadly slap.. lol

iguisard says:

lol why does it always have to be some nonathletic looking people doing
these things.

Sid Cayon says:

try cheating and get caught by ur girlfriend… you will learn the true
slapjitsu technique and principles. 

Conor Naughton says:

As a ten year muay Thai practitioner I would like to say this is the most
advanced martial art to date

Daniel Bishop says:


Chris M says:

The first 5 seconds is something you would see a 5 year old doing when he’s
playing superheros lmao

Jon Rez says:

Looks more like Russian Systema influence than any Jiu-Jitsu… This
is really important people: The masses don’t know good sh*t when they see
it even when it’s right in front of their face. Look at mainstream music
media- all the crappiest muscicians are winning awards while the most
talented and skilled have but small to medium (but also loyal) fans. The
masses are dumb and if you’re not going with the crowd you’re probably
doing it right!!! This is better than most of the crap martial arts schools
out there and current MMA could learn a thing or two from these types
of body mechanics and striking methods. People are missing how much these
strikes hurt when done properly and the resulting ‘spinal reflexes’ that’re
caused that allow you to take advantage of the opponent when he is
contorted in some kind of ‘ brain auto-mated contortion’. I have one thing
to say to all the people talking smack about this Russian ‘ slap boxing’ –
take your butt to a Systema school or go meet Vladimir Vasiliev and feel
what their ‘ swiping’, slaps, ‘brushing’ kicks etc are like. It’s brutal.
The collapse your structure. They break joints and not only that they’re
done with minimal effort/energy and flow better than boxing. The funny
thing is all the people talking crap- people who are probably tense as hell
when they fight and would be hit 5 times and taken to the ground before
they were able to get anything out against something like this. Keep doin’
what you’re doin’ guys like I said before- people don’t good stuff even
when it’s right in front of their face.

James vaxxon says:

The bullshit is strong with this one, hahahhahahah

mkygod says:

Why do the kicks look like the Michael Jackson kicks?

Nicolas Schmelzer says:

I have respect for these guys. It looks a little like wing chun, with an
extra serving of elbows. The first 35 seconds is very interesting. My
money says these guys could beat the crap out of most people making
negative comments on this video. More importantly, these are regular guys,
old and young (not in the best of shape), creating their own brand of “kung
fu” – not just imitating or brawling. I know guys that can slap the bark
off a tree in the blink of an eye. I think the slap is the most underrated
technique. A good slap will shock your opponents nervous system with pain
(maybe even knock him out), and create a setup for other attacks. Don’t
judge them, don’t judge me. Find your own kung-fu – make it yours (like
these guys).

seth426 says:

Autism-Fu guy nailed it LMFAO

James vaxxon says:

This is beyond Bullshido, lol.

Anuskasv0 says:

Haha fucking faggots

thegoldenarmy0495 says:

It actually looks like it could be effective. Not against anyone with
propper martial arts training but in a street fight you pretty much just
bombard your opponent.

Bill OBrien says:

What the hell was that? I’m not understanding the paper thing or the
jumping leg flip hacky sack kick. They seemed genuinely impressed with
themselves though.

djspencechicago says:

One good take-down would end this charade. 

Iris Tamondong says:

Everytime they “kick”, I hear Michael Jackson. **YEE-hee**

Matt Davis says:

Looks like they studied in the same school as steven seagal LOL.

GMC says:

LSD is fucking awesome! 

xDaVOIDx says:

Hahahaha this can’t be serious.

MartialArtsFan72 says:

At first I thought this was a joke. After fall of Soviet Union, a lot of
little cults and sects started coming out claiming to be healers, psychics,
and of course, secret martial arts masters.

CanadianGamer420 says:

most of these techniques seem very useful; I seem some of these guys
challenging for the UFC world title in 2016.

浅井浩平 says:


theelfman says:

This is hilarious, and these guys are for real!

zzzzzz522002 says:

They look serious…
Is it really a joke or you are just trying to be disrespectful ?

Bertrand Rabiant says:

La feuille à portée plainte après. Ridiculise art!

MarcusJhon says:

que pedo, el arte de los gordos ridiculos?

Justin Lee says:

This style is deadly. If they came at me like that I’d die laughing

adam rado says:

The diet for the training must be the most grueling part of all. You have
to intake 18,000 calories per day. HI YAH!

sean garner says:

OK 2 things one your attack range with this so called martial art is a joke
that anyone who knows how to throw a straight right would knock you’re ass
out cold and second do to the crazy angles off your attack accuracy and
power are almost impossible pls tell me these people do not actually think
this shit is actually effective in combat I mean wtf really

DaltonOB says:

cover up and take out their legs, easy

Kubi says:


william mccanless says:



Holy shit! Is this funny or what!! “Slap jitsu”! WOW!! MIndboggling
that some idiots can come up with this crap!! You guys MUST be on drugs!!

POV Tips says:

waw, he can break newspaper. it’s amazing!

MartialArtsFan72 says:

These guys are idiots.

Omar Baddar says:

The most impressive part is how he tore through an ENTIRE slice of paper..
using nothing but his hand (seriously, wtf!).

Jpm King says:

Practical self defense for fighting your sister? I can see doing this if
you dont actually want to fight, or if you are a teacher for Awanas.
Possibly for couples in the navi i mean navy no fuck it I mean navi

NYCHunter says:

What am I watching????? I hope the kids does not try this in real life! He
will get killed! 

MrDarrel100 says:

LMBO!!! too funny!

Dan Vail says:

I can’t believe that these people take this seriously. ROFL.

Jan Olav Øksnes says:

Didn’t know bitch slapping was martial arts


The is “Hallucinating-Crazy-Drunk-Monk” style…… freakin’

Arthur Loureiro says:

That michael jackson kick at the end …

meccanobravado says:

Those little keepy-uppy kicks look dangerous! Such power!

Pacmanphoto says:

If he could break paper with one of his strikes, can you imagine the sheer
damage he’d cause to your skull. 

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