Jolin Tsai – Du Zhan Shen Hua

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Music video by Jolin Tsai performing Du Zhan Shen Hua. (P) 2005 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT (TAIWAN) LTD.

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Brandon W says:

I love how she looks at the camera in this video. Very sexy. 

ramu50 says:

??Where the transcript – -?? or subtitle?

悅悅❤ says:


fedrico kiew says:
DoctorMason says:

蔡依林是年轻、 有吸引力、 有天赋、 能唱,是一个伟大的舞蹈家,她是富裕。当然幸运的是,任何捕获她的男人。

Lai paula says:

借轉fb 謝謝

Sesilia Margareth says:
StylinRed says:

wow its been a loooooooong time since i looked into cpop and its been ages
since i’ve seen Jolin she looks so different than when she first got famous

ifhy90 says:


MrKurosakiuchiha says:

omg, erhu on a jolin tsai song! who would have ever thought

Joyce hui says:

sexy JOlin~

sing zhang says:


RD992212 says:

jolin tsai :) ))

Nunu X says:

Hmmm…has a Jay Chou sense to it. =)) I’m a fan of Jolin Tsai and Jay
Chou. <3

lilalylalilac says:

song, music, singer, lyrics, video….beautiful… <3 it :)

coldheartedLucy says:

I love Jolin Tsai :) this is a pretty song too it has a neat beat to it n.n

Lily Chen says:

she’s got vevo? O_O

koreancrush says:

Finnaly I found it

Mscollage91 says:

Is Jolin famous in Thailand ?

hanzun says:

are those guys in the videos really playing instruments or just acting?

Tsai Hong Joalin says:


swampagIsCool says:

@arkoraa really? how?

koreancrush says:


Bianca Walker says:


Tshuaj Vang says:

i wish their was eng sub so that we can understand it better and do a
lyrics in chinese but eng words

koreancrush says:

Love this song it is so calming

sisteremilys says:

Beautiful, thanks vevo

arkoraa says:

Feels like Jay Chou style

OfficialJaliyahW says:

i dont like chinese pop korean and japanese pop is better

mermma123 says:

Love this song! it makes me wanna learn Mandarin :D

Bank Mini says:

เพราะจังเลย ฟังทุกวันเลย

RD992212 says:

miss the old jolin

Ewaline says:

Who wrote the song? And from which album is it from please =D

sebrina321 says:

she looks nice in this MV~ love her make-up

chichi yang says:

she is so beautiful =///= i love her old songs like this :D

zzzy says:

why the background looks like dong feng po’s background..??

hai huynh says:

hey where can i dl this video??? plz tell me

MrZhid says:

i hate vevo with all these ads

shineforme101 says:

@mininou this song, in fact, was composed by leehom:)

Meemie WanG says:

i like song so much

ExileTherin says:

@EwalineAndLeehom I don’t know the album but someone told me that Wang
Leehom wrote the song for her.

bleachxonepiece says:

the most beautiful music video EVERR!!

jampasss says:

i hate freaking vevo blocks

TimesNuRoman says:

this is my favourite jolin song, beautiful song.

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