[Jiang Hu] The Book and the Sword 2009 eps 01.mp4

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Details Title: 书剑恩仇录/ Shu Jian En Chou Lu English title: The Book and the Sword Also known as: Legend of the Book and Sword Genre: Wuxia Episodes: 40 Broadcast…

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Pinkatron 2000 says:

Thank you for this. The English subs are possibly the best I’ve seen yet.
First episode’s already hooked me, always a good sign. 

Alonna Favors says:

This kinda feels like a squeal to empresses in the palace

princetonwu says:

Wow the translations are extremely good! I speak both Chinese and English
but these translations are BOSS!

xyzlady11 says:

Just started this have been looking for dramas with good this is one of the
best. Thanks for upload and subs .

Severian Wintermute says:

These subtitles are very, very good.

Michael Jones says:

xie, xie for the upload. “Jiang Hu” fansubs are the most through and
educational ones I have seen. This upload is indeed a great treat!

marieyah kecick says:

i like it …. 

Goldname1 says:


already takenup says:

great epic so far, i love it. thanks to the uploader

sonam rinchen says:

in dis movie Emperor Qian Long is not manchu he is han i thikn it is not

MegaKnownStranger says:

lol same

emanuel enchill says:

nice movie

shane john tan says:

why did you remove the Royal Tramp that ive been watching? Pls upload it
again,thank you very much

bootsntrails says:

I love a good wuxia series and it takes time for me to find one on the net
that has all the episodes and translated into English. I think I’ve found
my next one to follow. Thanks for uploading!

Pandokie3 says:

I watched this movie and it’s actually really good. All of the characters
had a lot of emotion, including the “bad guy”. I kinda felt bad when he

Liu Jessica says:

Tks tks ♥

Md Sol says:

Incredible action, great direction and a very good story… thanks for

alus nova says:

hmm. well supposedly his mother or his sons were from an ethnically han
back ground that was considered manchu at the beginning of the dynasty so
they were mixed han/manchu/mongol since those where the most important
races in power then.

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